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Why Vounó Lex?

We believe in high impact litigation or high-altitude litigation, a philosophy through we seek to develope significant changes in complex or special situations that our clients may face, for such purposes, specific and customized actions are designed, performed and executed to promote these changes in a comprehensive, effective and responsible manner.

Achieving this philosophy requires “continuous improvement” from each of every key player in our firm, In this sense, we feel committed to our permanent learning, which translates into satisfying the needs of our clients accordingly.
This also leads us to pursue excellence in what we do and how we do it, willing to solve any dispute in the best interests of our clients.

Our legal advice includes -but is not limited to- a state of art litigation, which demands a deep and responsible understanding of the facts in conflict, the counterparty, and the applicable law.

We litigate with altitude when we are empathetic with the needs of our clients, responsible with our obligations, implacable with the counterparty and respectful of the rule of law.

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Execute our daily tasks under the principles of honor, profitability and transparency.


Become a leading legal firm in the national and international market, noted for our good practices, our seriousness, profitability and leadership.

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