Embarking on the journey of immigration to a new country entails a multitude of legal intricacies, especially when considering a move to Costa Rica from the USA. At Vounó Lex LLC, we comprehend the complexities and uncertainties inherent in the immigration process. That’s why we provide comprehensive Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA, meticulously crafted to shepherd you through every facet of your immigration journey, from obtaining residency to navigating the intricacies of relocation.

Residency: Your Key to a New Beginning

Securing residency in Costa Rica stands as the cornerstone of your immigration journey. Whether pursuing temporary or permanent residency, our adept immigration attorneys specialize in assisting clients with various residency options. We diligently guide you through the residency application process, ensuring that every aspect aligns with Costa Rican legal requirements. With our Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA, we are committed to facilitating your seamless transition to residency status.

Relocation Support: Making Your Move Seamless

Relocating to a foreign land can present daunting challenges, yet with adept legal support, the transition becomes notably smoother. Our firm extends comprehensive relocation support services meticulously tailored to your specific needs. From facilitating visa applications to overseeing the transfer of assets and ensuring adherence to local regulations, we dedicate ourselves to making your move to Costa Rica as seamless as possible with our Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA.

Expat’s Accompaniment: Your Trusted Legal Partner Abroad

Navigating life as an expatriate demands more than just resilience; it requires a steadfast legal ally by your side. Our team at Vounó Lex LLC offers personalized expat accompaniment services designed to ensure that you receive unwavering support and guidance throughout your journey. Whether you need assistance with legal documentation, cultural adaptation, or accessing essential services, our Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA are here to serve as your reliable partner in navigating expat life.

Asylum Applications: Protecting Your Rights and Safety

For individuals fleeing persecution or violence in their home countries, seeking asylum in Costa Rica serves as a beacon of hope for safety and security. Our compassionate legal team boasts extensive experience in handling asylum applications, steadfastly dedicated to safeguarding your rights throughout the process. We tirelessly prepare a robust asylum case on your behalf, advocating for your safety and well-being with our Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA.

Special Power of Attorney for Passport Application: Ensuring Smooth Documentation

Navigating the bureaucratic maze of essential documentation, especially in the realm of immigration, can prove overwhelming when conducted from abroad. Our firm offers specialized power of attorney services for passport applications, enabling you to authorize a trusted representative to act on your behalf in Costa Rica. We meticulously handle all documentation preparation and submission, alleviating you of the stress and uncertainty associated with the process with our Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA.


At Vounó Lex LLC, we comprehend the intricacies and challenges inherent in immigration and relocation, particularly when transitioning to Costa Rica from the USA. Our dedicated team of immigration attorneys stands ready to provide you with unparalleled Immigration Law Services in Costa Rica from the USA, ensuring that your journey towards residency and relocation is characterized by efficiency, professionalism, and peace of mind. Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you with your immigration and relocation needs.

We are Vouno Lex. Don’t hesitate to consult our services and contact us today to obtain more information about our offerings or to receive personalized legal assistance in Costa Rica from the United States.

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